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We've Moved - New District Office Space

Dear Teaneck Community,

We are pleased to announce that our new District Board of Education Office is now open!  The new address is:  651 Teaneck Road (right in front of Thomas Jefferson Middle School).

This office building includes the Superintendent’s Office as well as our Business, Human Resources and Special Education offices. Additionally, we are relocating our Registration and Community Education departments to this new building. However, while our district staff will be working in these offices, we are still in a pandemic and are strongly encouraging the community to reach out to all district departments by email or by phone. Visitors will be limited to advance appointments.  

District Administration:  https://www.teaneckschools.org/DistrictAdministration.aspx
All Staff Directory:  https://www.teaneckschools.org/StaffDirectory.aspx

With the opening of the Theodora Smiley Lacey School (our old Board of Education office) for 180 kindergarten students - enabling Bryant School to be 100% preschool focused - and now the completion of our new District Office, we have achieved three significant goals in our district's Facilities Plan.

We look forward to welcoming the community to this new office space. Thank you.

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